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10 Things Only Call Center Agents Would Understand

10 Things Only Call Center Agents Would Understand

A day in the life of a call center agent can be filled with bizarre, funny or infuriating call exchanges with a stranger customer. These are what makes their ordinary day quite amusing and remarkable.

Here’s a rundown of things that only people with call center experience would understand…(and laugh about).

10 Things that Only Call Center Agents Can Relate To

1. The First Day Scare

Even with weeks of training and phone simulations, there’s still that feeling of a slight ‘heart attack’ the moment the phone rings while knowing you have to answer it on your own for the first time.

2. The Bitter-Sweet Work during holidays

Because you’re following a foreign holiday calendar, you just can’t simply come along with your friends to the beach. But on a lighter note, it’s “double pay”!

3. “Is that C for Charlie?” “No, it’s C for Seahorse”

When you gotta invent your own phonetic alphabet, because why not? This mostly happens when you feel a bit jittery so you end up jumbling up words with letters: S for Sierra becomes “S for Sugar”, D for Delta becomes “D for Daddy” and your Q for Quebec becomes “Q for Cucumber”, wait what???

4. The Agent in Character

You’d realize that your job has already started to grow on you when you suddenly find yourself answering your phone with your usual call center agent line “Good morning, how can I help you?”, with the perfect accent. Only to realize that it’s your mom calling, reminding you to drop by the grocery for some supplies.

5. But wait, there’s more!

That moment when you’re already at your closing spiel then the customer be like “uhm I have another concern” Why??? Just Why?

6. Know a trainee without asking.

A trainee is that who speaks English with matching accent even at the pantry, comfort room or public places. Old time call center agents just don’t simply speak English when at the pantry, elevator, hallways and whatnot.

7. Aliases are fine.

You must have played with a fake name or aliases on your opening spiel. “Thank you for calling, my name is Peter…” even when your name is Procopio.

8. The unforgettable Un-muted moments.

For sure there were times when you forgot to press mute, then you speak in Filipino, and the customer asks, “What’d you say?” “Where are you based?”

9. The Quirky Graveyard Shift

While you’d be thankful you don’t experience the lethal traffic jam in the metro when you’re in GS, for the same reason you can’t muster any valid excuse why you came late to work.

10. The Chatty Customer

When you’re at the receiving end and find that the customer don’t actually care about your product/service and yet speaks so earnestly about the weather, her pet dog, the best netflix series to watch and whatnot. There are people who just simply want to talk to someone.

Nothing compares to working in a call center. Along with the ups and downs of the job, there are insider humor that only people from the call center industry can related to.

Do you know other call center agent stories that you want to share? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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