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4 Of The Freshest IBEX Incentives to Surely Motivate You

What is your top consideration in choosing a job? Most people prioritize the basic salary, the commute, and the schedule. When we talk about compensation, we usually only pertain to the monthly rate subject to income tax. This is what we’re used to until multinational companies and business processing outsourcing (BPO) firms started offering comprehensive compensation packages that include living allowances, hazard pay, and a wide range of incentives. Call center incentives for agents are among the most generous across the service industry.

Why are there call center incentives?

Like any other company, a call center needs to boost its productivity and consequently improve profitability. Studies show that giving employees incentives has a positive impact on the production and distribution of goods and services. Call center incentives are also important in attracting and keeping valued employees. And there’s also the proven idea that if the call center agent is taken care of, he or she will be better equipped to take care of the customers.

IBEX, one of the leading call centers in the Philippines, offers various call center incentives on top of its competitive basic salary and allowances. Here’s a rundown of IBEX’s rewards and incentives.

Shop ‘til You Drop

IBEX incentives shoppingPhoto Courtesy of via Pexels

Is customer service work THAT challenging that rewards are necessary? Only a call center agent can truly understand the struggles of being one. Contrary to popular belief, customer service is not easy work. It’s probably one of the most challenging jobs there is. With daily customer interactions, team huddle sessions, reporting and analysis, call center work is rarely the easy job that people perceive it to be.

We all have our own ways of dealing with stress. Many stay at home watching Walking Dead reruns, while others stroll in malls to window shop. IBEX’s Spree Shop is a reward for motivated and hardworking employees. Under this program, you earn points every time you show excellence at work. The points can then be redeemed for free stuff, available right at the office.

Get Support for Your Phone Plan

IBEX incentives iPhonePhoto Courtesy of via Pexels

The call center industry, tagged as the Philippines’ sunshine industry, employs tens of thousands of agents across the country. The competition among companies is not only confined in hiring the best candidates but also in retaining talent. It makes sense to keep employees than to train new ones. It’s not only cheaper, but far more effective and less risky. Employers always make sure that loyalty is recognized and rewarded.

Part of IBEX Global’s plan to keep loyal employees is to grant them a communication allowance to help alleviate the daily cost of living and keep them connected with friends, family and officemates. Yes, employees who have stayed for more than 2 years are automatically enrolled in the Communication Enhancement Program. Depending on the agent or the plan, part or the whole cost of owning a cellphone is shouldered by the company. Now isn’t that really cool?

Enjoy A Menu of Campaign Incentives

IBEX campaign incentivesPhoto Courtesy of OVAN via Pexels

For many years, employers have been giving away financial incentives as reinforcement for excellent performance. A research by Locke and Braver found that employees manifest heart acceleration when promised high cash rewards. The findings reveal that incentives can produce generalized performance benefit.

Today, call centers in the Philippines offer a wide range of rewards including discounts, tech gadgets and lavish vacations. These are awarded as call center attendance incentives for employees, loyalty awards, and rewards for exemplary performance. IBEX has a company-wide reward program as well as campaign-focused incentives. The latter is based on metrics set by each campaign including quality calls and sales production. In most instances, teams also come up with their own incentive programs to boost agent performance.

Get More from Employee Discounts

IBEX employee incentivesPhoto Courtesy of via Pexels

Rewarding employees is beneficial to both workers and employers. According to Hardaker and Ward, “employees and managers are experiencing a new form of enhance communication. Employees have demonstrated a feeling of ownership of their work place and willingness to participate.” The results are compelling. A study by Deadrick and Scott reported that incentives based on merit have effectively improved attendance by 35%. Every company that aim to boost productivity must consider adding the best performance incentives in its rewards program.

In IBEX, rewards come in various forms. They may be in redeemable discounts to membership in 24/7 open gyms. Campaigns and teams also offer their own incentives. IBEX probably extend the best company incentives for call center agents in the country. It extends discounts to employees in partner establishments such as restaurants and bars, clothing shops and other lifestyle stores.

If you’re in the market for a new job, a career in customer service is worth considering. A call center may be a high-pressure environment, but your efforts are recognized and well-compensated. Aside from above-average remuneration, agents are offered different examples of incentives such as merit pay, employee discounts and free items. Employees are also provided access to wellness programs to help mitigate the health impact of work-related stress.


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